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High-strength polyester sewing thread and sewing thread relationship

Nov 03, 2017

High-strength polyester sewing thread is a kind of high quality synthetic fiber, which can be used to make the suture with high strength, second only to nylon thread, second place, high-strength polyester sewing thread and wet state Decrease strength. Its shrinkage is very small, shortened by appropriate shape less than 1%, high-strength polyester sewing thread sewing stitches can always remain very smooth, no stretch. Wear resistance second only to nylon. Low moisture regain, outstanding high temperature, low temperature, light and water resistance. Therefore, high-strength polyester sewing thread polyester thread is the use of a very wide range of species, in many occasions, to replace the cotton sewing thread. Polyester thread is widely used, can be used for cotton fabric, synthetic fabric and blended fabric clothing sewing, high-strength polyester sewing thread can also be used for knitted garments. Special polyester line is still an excellent line of footwear and leather occupation.