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High-strength polyester sewing thread characteristics

Nov 03, 2017

Starting from the customer's point of view, we developed high strength and low stretch special composite sewing thread products used to the development of today's shopping malls and consumer demand, the yarn quality indicators far beyond the original traditional crafts, yarn quality exceeds the national standard , Its products have greater competitiveness. The existing new products on the market has been widely acclaimed shopping centers, this sewing thread is particularly suitable for high-level clothing, military supplies, armed police and other clothing information.

The traditional theory of spinning energy consumption, long process, large area, high equipment requirements, and use high strength low stretch special composite sewing thread spinning skills highlight the characteristics of high-quality short process, less equipment, energy saving, Less labor, lower production costs, so the high-strength sewing thread has obvious price advantage, nylon high elastic yarn has a strong market competitiveness; together with the national low-carbon, energy-saving request.