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High-strength polyester sewing thread use quality requirements

Many people have many doubts about the quality of high-strength polyester sewing thread needs and use, after all, how to choose high-strength polyester sewing thread suitable for their sewing effect and use it? Today for you a simple analysis of the usefulness of high-strength polyester sewing thread is usually used in what areas, high-strength polyester Lianda line of sewing thread sewing machine is usually used in sewn sewing, the proportion of some high-speed computer sewing, flat car, car, etc. , Also applies to all kinds of embroidery category, or cell phone sewing, also applies to print binding and related sewn goods, how to pick their own sewing high-strength polyester sewing thread, need to sew on their own needs , As well as quality control requests, Lianda line of high-strength polyester sewing thread according to customer requests for a variety of sewing solutions to provide different types of high-strength polyester sewing thread products to meet customer needs. LianDa Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is a production company of environmental protection high-strength polyester sewing thread which integrates twisting, dyeing, forming and selling. It was awarded the ISO9001: 2008 World Quality System Certification and introduced into QC080000 Hazardous Substance Management System. The products have won the title of "Oeko-Tex Standard 100 "a textile certification and the EU" RoHS "certification, and through various EU environmental inspection, to ensure the quality is our mission, spandex coated wire company is at your service to our duties and obligations, looking forward to the broad high-strength polyester sewing Line needs customers to inquire.