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Spandex coated wire Changshu largest industry

Nov 03, 2017

Line as the highest quality manufacturers Although we used to be a simple spandex coated wire forming the beginning of production companies, after nearly 30 years of continuous change and innovation, a clear corporate livelihood direction and policy, and customer-oriented, shopping malls Oriented plan and values, Jinda Line (Mita Line) through unremitting efforts and improvement of the system, and abide by the integrity and customer service philosophy, from a simple high-strength polyester sewing thread forming, to now have more than a dozen Yarn twisting machine, environmental dyeing workshop, molding workshop, environmental inspection and other high-strength polyester sewing thread production company, the policy service for high-quality shopping malls need spandex coated silk, environmental protection as a service to our customers 100% of the needs of the current More than 90% of the customers are to establish a long-term cooperative relations, the metal line industry to seek high-quality, high demand, good service business policy, humane management system and strict product control system so that the line of the industry Brand into each high-end products, as manufacturers of high-elastic yarn also look forward to international brands or about spandex coated wire To customers to call us, we supply free samples and color cards, you are willing to work together to create a brand for a century culture of the company.