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Sewing Thread Diversity Called?

Nov 03, 2017

Sewing thread is also called high-strength thread, high-strength polyester sewing thread nylon sewing thread is called nylon thread, we usually call (pearl rayon) polyester sewing thread is polyester filament or short staple twist, wear resistance, low shrinkage, chemical Good stability. But the melting point is low, high-speed easy to melt, blocking the pinhole, easy to break, polyester thread because of its high strength, good wear resistance, low shrinkage, hygroscopicity and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, perishable, will not moth-eaten Advantages and is widely used in cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabric clothing sewing. In addition, it also has the characteristics of complete color, good color fastness, no fading, no discoloration and sun resistance, the difference between polyester sewing thread and nylon sewing thread. Heavy, no stretch, while the nylon sewing thread is also played a lump, take the white smoke, pull up the elastic smell heavier. High abrasion resistance, excellent light-resistant function, mildew, coloration 100 degrees around, low temperature dyeing. Because of its high seam strength, by the use of nylon stretch gauze gap, can meet a wide range of different needs of the sewing of industrial products has been widely used.