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Spandex Coated Silk In The Fabric And With A Single Note

Nov 03, 2017

First, the pre-preparation

1, the original quality, feel like, color samples (flower pattern) must be the customer's request corresponds;

2, use the correct light source color. Such as D65, TL84, C130, etc., to be relatively uniform with customers;

3, the color swatches (flower draft sample) to be properly kept, bleached samples should be sealed with plastic bags;

4, use the correct fabric. No special circumstances, proofing with the blank to be consistent with the big billet;

5, head cylinder-like production should be consistent with the requirements of large-scale production. Such as width, color fastness, shrinkage, environmental materials, weight, feel and other requirements consistent with the requirements of large goods;

Second, high-strength polyester sewing thread production of large goods

1, there are changes in production to respond in a timely manner and report to the competent personnel, promptly come up with adjustment solutions

2, every process of quality tracking.

(1) singeing finish;

(2) pre-treatment feel, hair effect;

(3) Mercerized cloth

(4) stereotypes width

(5) right color under the right light. (6) After finishing pay attention to the density, feel, weight, finished width, color fastness, shrinkage and so on to meet the requirements;