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Spandex Coated Silk Spinning Technology Classification

Nov 03, 2017

(A) yarn spinning technology points

Combed yarn: yarn spun by combing technique. It is compared with the carded yarn, the material is better, the fibers in the yarn straight parallel, good quality yarn, the fineness of the yarn fine.

Coarse yarn: yarn spun by conventional spinning techniques. Also known as carded yarn, cotton and wool slightly different.

(B) Yarn by dyeing and finishing processing points

The original yarn: without any dyeing and finishing process and adhere to the original color of fiber yarn.

Bleached yarn: bleached, white yarn color. Usually refers to the cotton yarn and linen yarn.

Dyed yarn: Dyed, with a variety of colors of yarn.

Spinning: Colored yarn spun into yarn.

Singeing yarn: the singeing process, the appearance of brighter yarn.

Mercerized yarn; mercerized yarn, mercerized cotton yarn, mercerized yarn. Mercerized cotton yarn is the yarn in a certain concentration of alkali solution to make the yarn has silk luster and high strength; mercerized yarn is the wool yarn fiber scales removed, high-strength polyester sewing thread to make the yarn soft, and the skin Too affected.