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Spandex Coated Wire Type Classification

Nov 03, 2017

Spandex coated wire refers to the stitching of textile materials, plastics, leather products and stitching books and other lines used. Sewing thread with sewing, durability and appearance of quality characteristics. Sewing thread because of their different materials are generally divided into: natural fiber type, chemical fiber type, hybrid type three; sewing thread also because of its different materials have their unique properties:

Cotton sewing thread

--- Heat resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, poor antibacterial capacity, suitable for high-speed sewing and durable pressing.

Is the most widely used cotton velvet: is the use of long-staple cotton, combed, singeing, mercerized, and high-density twisting, so pull better than ordinary combed cotton. Often for cotton clothing and other cotton fabrics for sewing purposes

Specifications 20/2 (60/4), 20/3 (60/6) 40/2, 40/3, 20/9

Cotton thread: generally divided into carded and combed two parts, high-strength polyester sewing thread 100% pure cotton thread can be used to make sewn for the whole combed cotton. General use of more than 402,202,203. Cotton is a high-quality cotton combed singeing made. Cotton often cotton apparel and other cotton fabrics for sewing purposes.