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Teach You How To Know Sewing Thread Production Process

Nov 03, 2017

1, what is Bondi line?

A: Bondi line is 2 shares, 3 shares, 4 shares or more bonds together, cut with scissors, the head will not spread, and is firmly glued together, so called Bondi.

2, Bondi line why the sub-state Bondi and foreign Bondi?

A: Neibang Bondi, which is twisting and shares in the middle of a very small heat capacity of plastic wire twist twist after high-temperature stereotypes heat-sensitive plastic wire will melt, the few strands together, the so-called Heat-sensitive plastic filament is heated to high temperature will become a glue together. This process is called Nephew Bondi. Foreign Bondi is twisting and shares at the time of the Senate heat capacity of plastic wire and twist, but directly after twisting through the drum-type plastic machine, the line from the plastic machine over the plastic pool and the adhesive tape on a certain percentage of Glue, and other glue dry set, the line glued together in a piece of glue, this kind of technology for the foreign Bondi, but this process has belonged to the past process, now no longer use the foreign practice, because of the line with liquid glue online The outer glue, the glue is much harder than the glue, so the sewing thread is not soft enough, the car is not smooth enough, resulting in easy to break and reduce the needle car production.